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Dramatic Hold

A style inspired by the high glamour of international catwalks. The key product is TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray

Get the Look

Step 1: ​​Wash hair with TRESemmé Salon Silk Shampoo and Conditioner.

Step 2: ​​Towel dry and apply one pump of TRESemmé Volume & Lift Mousse into the palm of your hand and using a wide tooth comb, spread through hair, section by section.

Step 3: ​​Flip hair over and blow dry completely (use a brush if necessary).

Step 4: ​Isolate fringe area with a clip.

Step 5: Create a triangle shape at the back of your head and tie into a high ponytail on the crown of the head.

Step 6: Gather the hair on the left and tie into a ponytail. Leave the remaining hair loose.

Step 7: Take the loose section on the right and over-direct to join with the ponytail on the crown of the head, secure into place with pins.

Step 8: ​​Tease the back ponytail, creating a “ball” and secure into place with pins

Step 9: Take the ponytail on the left, separate into two sections creating a “ball” with each section and secure with pins.

Step 6: ​​Finally, tease the fringe pulling hair upwards and secure with pins. Spritz with TRESemmé ​Extra Hold Hairspray.


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Elegant interpretation of punk rock style. Key product is TRESemmé Dry Oil Elixir

Get the Look

Step 1: ​​Wash hair with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner.

Step 2: ​​Spritz damp hair with TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray and blow dry hair completely.

Step 3: ​​Spritz each section of hair with TRESemmé Blow Dry Lotion and straighten using a straightening iron, section by section.

Step 4: ​​Apply one pump of TRESemmé Dry Oil Elixir onto the palms of your hands and run through hair from the mid-lengths to the ends.


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TRESemmé Oil Elixir

TRESemmé Oil Elixir for All Hair Types is a transformative blend with salon-grade Macadamia and Babassu Oils. It rapidly absorbs, leaving hair with a smooth, feather-soft feel and added salon shine. Frizz is tamed and hair is transformed to silky, smooth, salon-perfect.

Product description :

Professional-quality hair perfector
Macadamia oil + babassu oil
Experience salon-quality oil transformation in one step
Adds salon shine
Tames frizz
Restores smoothness
Leaves hair silky soft
Makes hair easier to style

TRESemmé Oil Elixir Professional Quality Hair Perfector with Macadamia Oil and Babassu Oil –
This is for all hair types and will rejuvenate your hair with a transformative blend of salon-grade oils rich in Omega-7 and lipids to deeply condition and protect your hair, instantly taming frizz and bringing out its natural shine.

TRESemmé Oil Elixir Professional Quality Hair Perfector with Macadamia Oil and Grapeseed Oil –
This is for colour treated hair and is rich in Omega-7 and antioxidants for deep nourishment and protection. It is rapidly absorbed, leaving hair feeling soft and smooth with improved shine. Coloured hair is nourished with added salon radiance.
Both of the Oil Elixir’s can be used as a pre-wash, post-wash treatment or as a finish to dry to provide extra shine and prevent and tame fly-aways.



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Choose the perfect fring to suit your face

Long face: Fringe diminish the length of a long face. Typically a long face has a high forehead and when fringe cover it, the face is shortened with an illusion of more width to the face. Longer fringe are best. They can be blunt for a stronger, trendier look or edges can be softened and unforced.

Oval face: An oval face can wear a fringe that’s angled and shorter. A razored fringe is the most feminine because it has flow and texture. Oval is considered the perfect face to wear all styles of fringe,which is why heavy fringes that curve down on the sides are perfect. You can also wear them super short and right to the hairline for the edgiest of styles!

Round face: Fringes that are a little shorter in the middle give length to a round face making it appear more oval. Fringes can be airy and wispy so they show more forehead, which will also add length. An asymmetric fringe is great too because it diverts the eye.

Heart face: A blunt fringe,cut straight across just below the eyebrows will cover the forehead and soften a pointed chin. Because the forehead can be a bit wide on this face shape, a side-swept fringe is ideal. Heart-shape faces also look great with choppy fringes that are long enough to push to one side for versatility.

Square face: This is the perfect face for a long, wispy, angled fringe because it cuts the square dimension so the eye travels on a diagonal rather than horizontal. The shape of the face is flattered this way because it gives length to the face. A blunt bang would square off the face even more.


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-Long Tousled Hairstyles with Long Side Swept Bangs

A sexy and chic hair style option to consider are long tousled hairstyles with long side swept bangs as they are perfect for cocktail parties, but also for a regular day at the office. In order to get this sexy hairstyle, you need to use a large curling iron.

The result should be wavy, irregular curls that need to be separated. Don’t forget to use a flat iron to straighten your long side bangs and then sweep them on the one side of your head.

Finish your look by applying TRESemme meduim hold hairspray.

-Long Wavy Hairstyles with Long Side Swept Bangs

If your hair is long and wavy, you may opt for either slick, straightened long side swept bangs or curly bangs. Style your locks into a wavy hairstyle with long side bangs by first applying a small amount of hair TRESemme Volume&Lift mousse on your damp hair,then comb thoroughly.

Use the TRESemme heat defense spray,before using any heated tools.

Divide your hair into unequal parts, so that you may emphasize the shape of your long side bangs. Finish by spritzing TRESemme medium hold hairspray,that will enhance the shape of your locks.

If you prefer straight long side swept bangs, use a flat iron to get a stylish and sophisticated look! Before using the flat iron on your long side bangs, spritz TRESemme heat defense spray to preserve the health of your strands.

-Long Bobs with Side Bangs

Bobs are some of the sexiest haircuts ever created and can be styled in multiple ways! If you opt for a long bob with side bangs, make sure your locks are straightened perfectly so that you get a neat and chic look.

A bob can easily become one of the most stylish long layered haircuts with side bangs, by adding sexy choppy layers. Finish your look by spritzing TRESemme 24hour body hair spray.







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Time to get your hair back into shap

Wash your hair less often. Although it can be hard to break the habit of washing your hair every day, it will do your hair a lot of good if you do. Over-washing hair strips off the natural oils produced by your scalp, which normally help to keep hair in a healthy condition. This increases damage, and also makes your hair over-produce oils, which is why your hair may often feel greasy just the day after you wash it. If you decrease how often you wash it as much as you can, your hair will get greasy less quickly, and it will also become damaged less quickly.

Turn down the temperature. Having a too-hot shower can cause heat damage to your hair. It also causes dry skin. Try turning the heat down to a lukewarm temperature.
Do not brush your hair while it’s wet. Wait until it has nearly dried before using a wide toothed comb to de-tangle knots. Hair is at it’s weakest when wet, and therefore is more susceptible to damage. If you don’t own a wide toothed comb then use your fingers to gently comb though until dry and then brush any knots out.
To help you to wash your hair less often, use less products on your hair, or use lighter, less oily products. This build up can make your hair feel dirty very quickly. Also, make sure that you wash your hairbrush regularly so that you aren’t brushing grease through your hair.

Use heat protector spray before using heated appliances. This includes hairdryers. Before blow drying your hair, wait until your hair is fifty percent dry, then spray with TRESemme Heat Defense spray and comb gently, either using your fingers or a wide toothed comb. Then dry on a medium or low heat, because although it takes longer, it’ll leave your hair looking shinier.

Don’t use silicone based products before using heated tools. They can fuse to your hair and suck the moisture out of it. Wait until you’ve finished styling, and then you may apply things such as frizz serums.
Avoid using the nozzles which come with hairdryers, they concentrate the heat onto one area which increases damage. As long as you point the hairdryer downwards you’ll get the same effect anyway.

Chop it off. The best way to get rid of the damage is to cut it off and start fresh. Rock the short look for a while, and if you look after it properly, it shouldn’t take too long to grow back, and will grow back shiny and healthy. If you only have a bit of damage at the tips of your hair, this won’t be necessary, just go and get a couple of inches cut off the ends to get rid of the damage. Hairdressers recommend that you should get your hair trimmed once every six weeks to prevent a build up of damage.

Eat the right stuff. By choosing the correct foods, you can increase hair growth and repair and prevent hair loss.

Firstly, if you’re not eating enough then you probably have thin hair, try improving your eating habits and eat more, and see if you get more hair. After all, if you’re malnourished then your body won’t waste nutrients on hair growth.
Make sure you are eating enough protein, (not too much as it can cause problems), hair is made of protein, so eating plenty of meat and eggs etc will give your body what it needs to grow and repair your hair.
Look for foods containing Omega3 fatty acids and other essential fatty acids. This includes oily fish, (eg. Salmon/Tuna/Mackerel), and almonds.
Vitamin B6 & B12 do plenty of good for your hair. B12 is found in many fish, some meats such as lamb or beef, eggs and cheese. Many people are deficient in this, especially vegetarians. Other symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency are drowsiness and general feeling of being unwell. B6 is found in potatoes, spinach and bananas.

Don’t let your environment affect your hair. Think of things that are around you quite often, and think of ways to avoid them from damaging your hair.
If you are often out in the hot sun then protect your hair by wearing a hat or bandanna, (as well as protecting your scalp from sunburn!). If you don’t like wearing hats then try either using a product designed for protecting your hair from the sun, spraying plenty of damage protecting leave-in conditioner, or spritzing watered down sunscreen through your hair. During sunny weather, don’t use products containing alcohol as they speed up the process of the sun drying out your hair.
When you go swimming, protect your hair from the harsh chemicals such as chlorine. Use a spray leave-in conditioner before going swimming to minimize the amount of chlorine that your hair can absorb. For maximum protection from the chlorine you can either, avoid getting your hair wet, or wear a swimming cap.
Pollution, smoke and smoking all dry out your hair. To stop being damaged by these things, don’t stand around with people who are smoking, limit the amount that you smoke, don’t let people smoke in your home and avoid heavily polluted areas.








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Undercut Haircuts for Men 2013/14

In 2013, short haircuts are popular among Men and these haircuts look trendy and unique also. Another trendy and unique haircut of 2013 is the undercut haircut. This haircut is carried by stylish and trendy Men with unique hairstyles and also with the unique hair color tones. Here are some popular and trendy undercut hairstyles.

This year most of the trendy and stylish men carry this undercut haircut and it looks unique and amazing. This hairstyle is like a shaved form from the both sides of the head and has hairs in the center portion.







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Latest Short Hairstyles Trends 2013/14

– During summer, women come to hairstylists and they want make their hair short. It is due to the fact that this season cannot make a friend with long hair. That is why women want to cut it out. Fortunately, short hairstyle hits the fashion trend up to now. So, those who have cut their hair out don’t need to change their hairstyle. They only need to restyle it by picking out the latest short hairstyle trends 2013/14. They can try different style for their short hair such adding bangs and restyle it with a little way for the side hair.

How to achieve the look-

-shampoo and condition with TRESemme Moisture Rich range
-apply TRESemme Volume&Lift mousse to damp hair
-use a small brush and start to blow dry your hair into its style
-once completed,use TRESemme Firm Hold hairspray to secure the look





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For Tight Curls

Best Cut: Embrace your natural texture with a voluminous, shoulder-length curly style inspired by Jada Pinkett Smith. The center part is the key to her modern shoulder-length cut,it keeps the face open and makes the eyes and cheekbones the focal point.

Get the Look: Ask your stylist to cut hair when dry. This way, she can see the shape more clearly and not trim more than intended,tip: Tapered triangle-shaped layers below the jaw line will help create a softer, less bulky shape. The widest part of the style should line up with your cheeks.



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Great styles

For Thick Hair

Best Cut: “If you have thick hair you are very, very lucky. “Most women would kill for a thick head of hair.” Stay away from short styles; your locks could end up looking like a wig if cropped too tightly, Instead, try an effortless layered cut like the one Jennifer Aniston wears.

Get the Look: Do not let the stylist cut too much — you’ll want strands to fall at least past the shoulders. Request long layers around your face and throughout, which will create movement and take off weight, so as not to drag your hair down



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