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Hair bow

Hair bows are one of those hairstyles for long hair that tend to be quite polarizing: women either love the idea of sporting the look or they simply don’t see themselves choosing the hair bow look. While the idea of a hair bow like the one Lady Gaga sported a while back can indeed be intimating for many women, when styled right, the hair bow can serve as a gorgeous accessory for women of different ages. There are some interesting variations that are cute without being over the top and a bow half updo hairstyle is one of the best examples.

How to:

1-Start by brushing your hair to eliminate any tangles or knots that might hinder the results. Then use your hands to grab a hair section on each side of the head, doing your best to make them as equal as possible. Depending on the effect you’re looking for, you can adjust the thickness of the strands. The bigger the hair sections are, the bigger the bow will be.

2-The next step is to use a hair elastic to tie the two hair section without pulling the ends through the elastic, in order to create a loop. Next, divide the loop in two relatively equal sections so that two smaller loops are created.

Then, secure one loop with a barrette and use your fingers to give volume by spreading out the other section. Once you get the desired shape, insert two bobby pins underneath the hair section to secure your work. One bobby pin should be inserted from top to bottom while the other should be inserted in the opposite way – from bottom to top. Repeat the process on the other side to finish the bow shape.

3-Hiding the remaining hair and picking up ends of the ponytail chicly wrapping them around the elastic and securing them bobby pins underneath are the final touches of creating a stylish bow half updo.



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How to create a QUIFF for men

-Start by washing your hair thoroughly to remove any oily sebum,use TRESemme Naturals range,
-then towel dry your hair until it’s still slightly damp.
-apply some TRESemme Volume&Lift mousse, But go easy. Men always use too much product and the more you use, the heavier your hair will become and the harder it’ll be to style,
-Apply a small amount of TRESemme Volume&Lift mousse between the tips of your fingers and style your quiff.
-blow dry it into shape, drying the hair in the direction of the quiff. You’ll need a brush to pull the hair up as you dry to get some height,
-Finish off your style with a tiny slick of styling wax and spritz TRESemme Firm Hold hairspray to secure the style,
-Focus on the tips of your hair to add definition.


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How do I ensure my curls last?

Don’t wash every day. Hair with a bit of natural oil distributed through it holds and stay better than squeaky-clean locks.If its to oily spray TRESemmé dry shampoo and add a little heat to it.
-Use a light conditioner,like TRESemmé healty volume, Heavy conditioners can leave a residue on your hair, weighing it down and pulling out curl. If you do need a thicker conditioner to combat damage, take extra care to rinse well.
-Apply TRESemmé volume and lift mousee to damp hair,if your hair has a hard time holding a style, chances are it is fine and limp. Mousse will give it lift at the root and a foundation for styling.
-spritz TRESemmé extra hold hairspray to secure the curl


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Mens hairtrends this winter

-Very well-defined lines and wet look hair gel because of.This type of haircut becomes the first trend for fall-winter 2013-2014 One aspect very refined enough care and serve you in the most formal occasions.
-As happens in all courts in this find different variations, however, which is always going to match the top of the hair is always longer than the sides and back of the neck . You can choose to take shorter or longer, as long as the hair has its own natural movement.
-As I said before, it is important to use the hair gel and a comb or fixing barbed (ideally small) to give the shape of the hair parting. Use the wet effect to make much more online.
– This becomes the second trend for fall-winter 2013-2014 .An image rebellious rabble , with long unkempt hair and playing with volume , like the protagonists of photography.
-For this perfect haircut the side and neck should be shorter than the top of the head . The hair length should be in your opinion and according to what best fits you.
-The quiff is a hairstyle that deceives, since not much complication involves combing as above. Always with the right products you will get perfect results. Use the wax and apply when hair is completely dry. Then, with the help of the fingers and a wire brush, the desired shape . Then using a spray fixative or the hair spray endurance time necessary.


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TRESemmw how to

TRESemme how to

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TRESemmw how to

TRESemme how to

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ROZZIKI Fashion Style Interview

TRESSemme’ brand ambassador and stylist Matthew Mansoor is no stranger to the fashion and beauty scene. As part of the glam team at SA Fashion Week 2014 for the Sheer Glamour Show , Matthew showed the crowd that he certainly earned his place at the top.

Mansoor has worked and shared his expertise with leading brands which include,FTV, GHD and TRESemmé. His client list includes a host of South African celebrities as well as world famous Indian film actress, Shilpa Shetty.

Rozziki recently interviewed the talented Mansoor .

Q. What made you want to follow a career as a stylist? How did you get started?

A. I’ve always been a creative,outgoing person,so I was either going to pursue a career in interior design, graphic design, or becoming a stylist.
I started my career as an apprentice at Rolf Offermann , Durban and was with the Rolf Offermann family for 7 years .These were  the best days of my career. I then relocated to Johannesburg.

Q. How has the journey been up until now?

A. My journey so far in my career has been a dream come true. Everyday is a new day and better than the previous day. Being the brand ambassador for TRESemme for more than 3 years, has opened so many doors and opportunities for me, making my career even more exciting.

I have met so many different people from all over the world,whom I have remained good friends with up until this day.

Q. What is your typical week like?

A. My typical week would  depend on my schedule,which could require me being on shoot for television or magazine,or bonding with my clients. I do make a priority of spending as much time with with my family and close friends.

Q You have worked with local and international celebrities, what was the experience been like?

A. Working with international and local celebrities has been an amazing experience. It is something that one has to experience as it’s a feeling you cant describe.

Q. If there was one celebrity you could style and was given the opportunity, who would it be and why?

A. It would be Charlize Theron as she is South African and has the look of an ideal  TRESemmé girl.

Q.Do you follow trends? Where do you seek inspiration?

A. I think being in a creative field of work,one has to keep up to date with the latest trends,using it as an inspiration to create my own individual trend.

What inspires me is nature;a shape of a tree, a flower, or a waterfall and by just lookin at it, I can create a hairstyle or a hair colouring technique in my head . It actually get my creative juices flowing.

Q. What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue your job/ career?

A. In my honest opinion, if one feels that they want to pursue being a hairstylist,they should start at the bottom and work their way up the ladder as  that’s the only way one can appreciate their achievement when they have reached the top.

Being a hairstylist is not about just doing hair in the salon,its about having a passion for hair.

Q.What are the misconceptions that people have about what you do?

A. People see “Matthew Mansoor”as living the life in the “FAB” lane, being with celebs , going to fancy events, around the camera and in the media all the time ,but it is hard work and lots of dedication to get where I am today.

I’m still a hairstylist who started at the bottom who also swept the salons floor (and will still sweep today)  and cleaned retail shelves.

I still work just as hard as any other stylist,always remembering to keep my feet on the ground,and respecting every one for who  they are.

Q. Are there any exciting projects you are working on or looking forward to in the near future?

A. My ultimate goal is to inspire the young generation to become good hairstylists.

I want them to  feel the passion that I feel with my career,and to help create dedicated hardworking stylists for the future.

Article published on on 15 April 2014.

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Sheer glamour show,TRESemmé S/S14


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Victorian Volume

A modern expression of a style inspired by the Victorian era. Key product is the TRESemmé Volume and Lift Mousse

Get the Look

Step1: ​Wash hair with TRESemmé 24 Hour Healthy Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.

Step 2: ​​Apply one pump of TRESemmé Volume and Lift Mousse into the palm of your hand and using a wide tooth comb, spread through hair section by section.

Step 3: ​​Blow dry until your hair is 20% dry (over-directing hair to create body).

Step 4: ​​Separate hair into 3cm sections starting at the nape of the head. Using a large round brush blow dry hair, over directing the root areas to create volume.

Step 5: ​​Take your comb and section your hair into two sections one on each side leaving enough ​​​hair at the back.

Step 6: Once hair has been blow-dried, toss head over and apply one pump of TRESemmé Dry Oil Elixir into the palms of your hands and run through from the mid-lengths to the ends.
Step 7: ​​Leave a 2cm section from behind your fringe to the crown of your head.

Step 8: ​​Tease the remaining hair, creating a “ball” at the top of your head and secure with pins. Step 9: ​​Take the remaining 2cm section and neatly place over the teased “ball” and secure into place with pins.

Step 10: Take the remaining hair and tie into a loose ponytail at the back of the head

Step 11: Spritz with TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray to secure


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Top Billing covers The Sheer Glamour Show at SAFW S/S14

Sneak preview


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