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Trendy Mid-Length Hairstyles

If you don’t want your next hairstyle to be either too long or too short then there is no doubt that the latest mid-length hairstyles are for you! Mid-length styles are cut short enough to touch the shoulders or, an even better option is for the length to remain just above the shoulders.  While we all know that the shorter styles are the easiest to manage, mid-length styles can be just as easy to manage.

This style is suitable for just about any shaped face while it also allows for a bouquet of options for you: straightened, curled or even wavy, not to mention hanging loose or tied up. As is always true, as long as the style you choose accentuates your best asset, your face, then go for it! Now that I’ve intrigued you woth all this talk about this great cut, take a look at some of this style’s latest trends.





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Cute and Stylish Short Hairstyles

Many will say that the long hairstyles are quite beautiful and charming, but in the hotter months shorter hair can be a wiser choice. Not only does it make you look  cute and edgy but also sexy and fashion forward. At the same time, the advantages of the short styles are that they are quite easy and convenient to manage while saving you a lot of time in your daily.

Short styles are not one dimensional they can be straight, curly, choppy styles and a number of more imaginative styles. Currently, more people looking to be most fashion forward are opting for shorter styles.

This hairstyles are suitable for most face shapes. Looking at the following picture, the characteristic of this chin length hairdo allows more focus on the jawline. The result is that it spins the face, creating a balance while making the shape of your face to appear more oval.

Another of the sweet short haircuts is the layered shag. Frankly speaking, this style is always welcomed by most females. It features a slightly messy hairstyle, which is a perfect choice for those who have either straight hair or slightly wavy hair. Adding slightly longer bangs can also be rather flattering for your face. Again, this these short styles are quick and easy to maintain. One last tip is that although shorter styles are is suitable for almost every woman, I would suggest that ladies with naturally curly hair steer clear of a shorter, cropped cut..









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How to Create Perfectly Braided Hair

While braided hair seems so tedious and complicated, I am here to show you how in just 6 easy steps you can rock perfectly braided hair, yourself!

Step 1

Detangle your hair by brushing it and then push all of you hair behind your shoulders while dividing it into two sections down the back.

Step 2

Take a small outer piece of one of the two sections of your hair (it doesn’t matter which section you start with) and cross the small piece over and add it to the inside of the other section. This piece you have crossed will now become a part of the other section. Keep your crosses tight or hair may start to come out once you’ve finished braiding.

Step 3

Now you’re going to make the exact same cross but this time you will use the other section of hair. So, once again take a small piece from the outer part of the section and cross it over to the inside of the opposite section. Again, remember to keep the crosses tight.

Step 4

Continue crossing small outer pieces over to the inside of the opposing section. The smaller the pieces you cross, the better the braid will end up. Stop braiding once you feel the sections getting too small.

Step 5

Once you’ve reached the end of the braid, tie it off with an elastic band. Preferably one that is thin and clear but ensure that it will hold the hair in place properly.

Step 6

Once the braid is completed, you can twist and play with it any way you want, creating variation in the style.

And there you have it, perfectly braided hair in just 6 easy steps!

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Hairstyles For Ladies With A Round Face

When it comes to selecting a suitable hairstyle, the most crucial aspect that one should consider is the shape of one’s face. Amongst ladies, the most common is the round face. Don’t let the sound of it put you off, though. A round face shape is just as attractive as the others and an appropriate hairstyle can offer your face a more elongated appearance. This will draw attention away from your cheeks and instead direct it to your beautiful eyes, nose, lips or chin.

Another important factor to consider when choosing your hairstyle is your lifestyle and your hair type. This is because certain hairstyles for round shaped faces suit fine hair, while others are better for wavy or curly hair. Here is my advice for choosing the perfect cut for you!

Short Hairstyles

If you are looking to move away from your more ordinary straight hairstyle, go for a short, layered and choppy hairstyle. Consider hairstyles cut with deep layers, making sure the length is kept slightly below your chin. Adding some sweeping bangs can also add some sophisticated charm.

Medium Hairstyles

If your hair is wavy, then a  medium length wavy layered style is for you. Add some layers near the crown with lots of layers near the bottom. This will give give the hair ends a tapering effect. Again, add some bangs to complete the look.

Long Hairstyles

If you have long straight hair, try a longer wavy and layered hairstyle. Your hair near the crown should be cut into a few layers, while hair near the ends should be cut into deep layers. This will create a tapered effect. Now add a bangs that are swept to one side and you’ll be sure to be the center of attention wherever you go!

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The Perfect French Twist

The French Twist, a celebrity red carpet staple, swept the red carpet at the Oscars this year and was also seen on the runways at London Fashion Week. Now you can easily take your style to new heights with the same up-do in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Start by washing your hair with TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner. Towel dry, apply some TRESemmé Extra Control Mousse and then blow dry using a diffuser.

Step 2

Tease your hair start from about 5 inches above the roots to all the way to the ends.

Step 3

Twist your hair up, starting to use bobby pins to fix the hair in place from the bottom and working your way up to the crown of the head to create a French twist. To finish, use TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray.

Et voila! It’s as easy as that to rock red carpet hair yourself!

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How To Style Thin Hair

A step-by-step guide to style thin hair:

  1. Start with a good haircut. Go to a stylist and ask for a cut that will make your thin hair look thicker. For men, this usually means a very short haircut. For women, a haircut that is shoulder length or shorter with layers throughout can add much-needed volume to your look.
  2. Too much product can weigh thin hair down, making it look thinner.
  3. Shampoo and condition using products with volumizing properties. If you use other hair products, look for those that advertise volumizing. Stay away from heavy gels and pomades.
  4. Blow dry hair upside down. Using a brush, pull hair away from the scalp while drying.
  5. Squirt a small amount of mousse in dry hair. Using a comb, tease hair at the roots to make it look thicker and puffier. You can also curl the ends of your hair upward for more lift. Spray a small amount of hairspray all over to hold the look.
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How To Tease Hair Without Causing Damage

How to tease your hair correctly:

  1. Make sure your hair is completely clean and dry.
  2. Section off your hair into 1/2- to 1- inch sections and pin it back with a hair clip. It doesn’t matter whether you begin with the back or front of you hair sections, so go with whatever is easiest.
  3. Take one section at a time and brush in the exact opposite direction that you normally would. Start at the bottom of your hair and brush upwards, causing friction, which will result in achieving the wild look that you want.
  4. Continue in the same pattern described above until all the sections have been teased while removing each hair clip as you finish.
  5. Keep your masterpiece in place by finishing it off with hair spray.
  6. Accent your look by taking sections of the teased hair and pinning them back with a pretty hair clip or barrette.

And there you have it: undamaged, well teased hair ready for a night out on the town.

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Great looking hair every day!

A good home care range :

  • The right TRESemmé shampoo to maintain your hair condition,
  • The right TRESemmé conditioner to soften and make your hair easy to detangle and comb through
  • A good TRESemmé once a week home treatment
  • The perfect pre styling product,to easily obtain the look you going for ,
  • A good heat protection so that your hair is protected from the heat of your tools,
  • A good after styling product to give your hair ultimate shine and hold


  • By having the right TRESemmé shampoo and conditioner would make it easy to cleanse and and condition your hair,and it would make it easier for you to manage when styling. A good TRESemmé home treatment,can be used once a week depending on the condition of your hair it would just bring back the extra nutrients and shine,and would give u the look and feel of healthy hair.
  • Depending on the style you want to achieve you need the perfect pre-styling products. i.e. A mousse for body or a smoothing balm sleek straight hair.
  • A good heat protection is also needed when a flat iron or curling thong is used,all it takes is a even spritz over the hair
  • A good shine serum on the mid-lengths and ends after you have styled your hair to its desired look,and what always works for me is a quick spritz of hairspray just for that extra hold,depending on your look u can use a firm hold.
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