Keeping hair straight

1. Long Works Better Than Short -In case you want straight hair, it would be a good idea to let it grow a little longer. Short hair has more tendencies to curl up than long hair. Moreover, it is harder to make short hair stay the way you want it to be.

Don’t forget regular trips to a hair dresser, at least once in every three months, to get rid of those dead or split ends. In any case, try to keep your hair as healthy as possible, not only for the sake of straightening it, but for the sake of having a beautiful healthy hair, straight or curled.

2. Use of Products-

 TRESemme have just launched a new frizz-busting hair care collection called Keratin Smooth.It makes use of hair-strengthening keratin and strand-smoothing silicone and has a low sulphate content.Clense and condition your hair with TRESemme Keratin Smooth Range

Don’t ever brush your hair while it’s wet, your hair is weakest when it’s wet and brushing damages it.Spritz TRESemme heat protector, since you’ll be exposing your hair to heat next.

3. Blow Drying and Flat Ironing-

You can now choose to either blow dry your hair or to straighten it with a flat iron, or both. If blow drying, take a wide brush and straighten your hair as your hair stylist would do. Watch out not to turn the blow dryer on maximum heat and not to keep it too close to your hair.

If you decide for a flat iron, bear in mind that a good flat iron costs good money. Take small sections of your hair and clip the rest of the hair with hair clippers so that it doesn’t get in your way. Work your way from the back of your head to the front, leaving the hair sections closest to your face last.

4. Keeping it Straight

Now that you’ve made your hair straight, the idea is to keep it straight the whole day. You can do this best by spritzing TRESemme medium hold hairspray or even better use one pump of  TRESEMMÉ OIL ELIXIR.Tresemme Oil Elixir for all hair types with Macadamia and Babassu oil and one for colour treated hair with Macadamia and Grapeseed oil and a UV filter.Try to avoid warm and humid places since they will probably make your hair curly again.