1-Turn on your hair straightener and let it heat up.

2-Comb your hair to get rid of any tangles, as snarls will interfere with the quality of the curls you create. Spray your hair with a heat styling protectant to shield it from the heat of your hair straightener. The ends of your hair are especially vulnerable, as they are older than the rest of your hair, so make sure they get coated with the styling product to minimize breaking and splitting.

3-Separate a fine section of hair, about 2cm thick, making sure it is no wider than your hair straightener. Clamp down close to the root or wherever you want the curl to begin on the section of hair. Twist your wrist inward toward your head and hold this position as you slide the hair straightener down the lock of hair. You may make an inward twisting motion again as you reach the ends of your hair, to ensure that the curl is defined, with no odd straight pieces poking out. The slower you slide the straightener down your hair shaft, the tighter the resulting curl; if you want looser waves, slide the flat iron a little more quickly down the section of hair.

4-Repeat Step 3 for the rest of your hair. When you are through, use your fingers to style your hair. Do not use a comb or brush, as these will break down the shape of your newly created curls or make your hair static-y. Finish by misting your hair lightly with hairspray to help your curls retain their shape throughout the day.